Top 10 ways to decrease your rent

Decrease your rentNowadays there are serious financial difficulties and the rent prices are increasing with a cosmic speed. What you can do in this situation is not giving up from the house you had fallen in love from your first sight, but make some good and strong efforts to reduce the cost. How to do it? Well, check out the top 10 ways to decrease your rent and simplify your life. No more savings and no more negative answers for ordinary nice and splendid things in your daily routines:

  • Kind negotiations. However you understand the kindness as normal human being behaviour put it into your negations before signing the contract.
  • Find a decent roommate. He may not be your best friend, but he will share your expenses and rent payment. A friend in need is a friend indeed, isn’t it?
  • Reduce some of your own expenses. Start using the bus and see how entertaining it may become. You can also stop using professional domestic cleaners for keeping your property in a good condition. Instead of that become enthusiastic about green cleansing solutions that are so popular these days!
  • Ask for help. This is not a sign of weakness or disability to cope with a particular situation. There is nothing wrong if your parents give you a hand in the beginning of your self-dependent life.
  • Help your landlord. He will be very happy, if you offer your services for the property improvement. You can also take the advantage of the previous tenant’s bad behaviour and pay for the post tenancy cleaning.
  • Sign a contract for a longer term. This will make your landlord believe that you will maintain the property and you are about to accept it as your own home, so you will do your best to preserve it like that.
  • Become a member of the neighbourhood community and do more for the shared areas.
  • You can also hint at the idea that you are still looking for other renting opportunities. Your landlord suffers from the crisis, too, and he will not take the risk to lose another tenant.
  • Be flexible enough to make compromises. You may pay less, but you will do more!
  • Shorten the distance. Why not moving closer to your office or on the contrary – go to the suburban, where the rent prices are lower?

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