Super ideas for green summer cleaning

Summer cleaningSummer cleaning is usually specially tailored for home preparation for the upcoming holidays, vacations and days-off. It is much better to spend these days in a clean home than in cleaning the home! So, cleaning and sanitising your home in advance is a good idea to maximise the awesome emotions of your sweetest summer. Hot weather in summer, though, is very pleasant for disease spread among people – especially the small kids. Reducing the harmful ingredients and chemicals at home is also very essential and good for summer season.

Green cleaning is very suitable. It doubles the effect of hygiene restoration. First of all, comprehensive and thorough cleaning, itself, is good before the summer season has arrived! And second of all, eco-friendly sanitising solutions will reduce the chance for toxic poisoning or stomach issues – in summer they are very possible, as a matter of fact!

Check out some super ideas for green summer cleaning! Use them for your own house refreshment and refresh your view to housekeeping! Toxic cleansers are not the only stain removal methods or techniques for full disinfections – try to remember this from now on:

  • Citruses are perfect buddies in summertime! They are even great cleansers in Summer cleaning and during the entire summertime period! Sanitise the oven with lemon juice and use grapefruit for bathroom cleaning – disinfect finely the toilet seat and the gaps between the tiles! Orange peels are perfect for reducing the bad odour, while the lovely mandarins are perfect cleansers for any kind of surfaces that attract dust very easily!
  • Continue using white vinegar in home cleaning in summertime, too. Its consistence suits perfectly to the gentle surfaces of windows, glass pieces, mirrors and kitchen sets of plates and cutlery.
  • Arrange an ammonia cleaning day in Summer Cleaning. Disinfect each of your home interior part and area with ammonia! The effect is more than awesome. You will see your house absolutely shining from purity and freshness!
  • Start doing the laundry with softer washing powder or replace it with green and natural products in summertime. A mixture of white vinegar, essential oils and mild dishwashing soap is perfect for any summertime stain or accident!

Green disinfecting methods are actual every season, especially in summer one off cleaning. Do you agree?