Tips for cleaning 8 common home messes

Deal with the mess at homeExperts claim that any house has at least once suffered from the following 8 common home messes. Besides, even if you live in an apartment, there is a big possibility for you to face one of them, too.

We are glad to share with you how to reduce and remove all of these messes:

  • Kid’s artistic canvas on the walls. Who hasn’t been in this situation? You come back from home, your babysitter has been just gone and you find out that your son or daughter has a super drawing talent, but you see it right on the walls. Scrub the masterpieces with a damp cloth and toothpaste!
  • Home cups say what you love drinking. It happens really often and usually it shows your sophisticated taste to tea, coffee and wine. Squeeze one lemon in the mug and add some salt in 10 minutes. Start scrubbing till you see the original colour of your cup.
  • Sticky mirrors and glass surfaces. Deal with them by applying baby oil and then cover them with stickers. Remove and see how fats are gone!
  • Nasty rust on metal kitchen utensils. Eliminate it with your favourite coca-cola drink or scrub the rust away with ordinary potatoes.
  • Messy kid’s room at daily basis. Try using this educating formula – a clean room is a new toy, few more extra hours in front of the TV or permission for friends’ visitation.
  • Microfiber coaches are full of stains. You can either reconcile with the ugly seats by waiting for the post tenancy cleaners to help you get your tenancy deposit back, or you can simply cleanse them with foaming shaving cream.
  • Half of your dinner has stuck on the oven. The best way to remove the oven grime and grease is to use ammonia. Sprinkle and wait. Then, scrub the remains with a wired sponge and some white vinegar.
  • Romantic leftover candle wax on a carpet. Prepare for a deep carpet cleaning, but scrape off as much wax as you can in advance. Then, start absorbing the rest of it by using low heat of your iron and ordinary WC paper.