Simple studio interior for a student

Simple studio interior for a studentStudent’s life might be tough. The main reason is usually the financial limits. They usually affect the lifestyle and mainly – the home arrangement. Most students today live in boarding schools and dormitories. Though, others are lucky to occupy their own flats. In most cases these homes are compact studios that accommodate the main home rooms in one or two single premises. Fulfilling all the residential functions and satisfying normal person’s home needs, though, is hard in a student studio. On the other side, if the arrangement is done wisely and practically, the studio may even become a real residential heaven. Follow some or all the guides for creating a simple studio interior for a student. Use your imagination and never forget about the hard-headed side!

– Try with layers. There are lots of contemporary transforming and folding furniture on the market today. Take the benefit of them and fill a one-room studio that can combine both – kitchen facilities and bedroom equipment. Decorate sparingly and add some youth student features for splendour.
– Create illusionary walls. Use the heavy and high TV section to divide the living space. Face the TV set towards your bed and arrange an improvising combo of living room and kitchen on the other side. Do not overload any of the premises, but fill them with more natural light and soft pastel colours.
– Get that funky and vibrant air with curtains. One curtain might separate a whole living room with a large folding sofa, where a student can study and sleep. Use other curtains to separate the kitchen. You can even create an imaginary wardrobe or a whole library with some sheer curtains. Regular house cleaning, though, is needed here to keep the curtain-based rooms in a top hygienic condition.
– The student fort can be easily built with stairs. The lower floor is more suitable for all the household activities, as well as for the education. Transfer the bedroom on the nice and relaxing space of the upper floor.
– Rely on light shades and put accents with dark nuances. White walls might be a bit boring, but if you diverse them with painted dots or hanging ornaments in electric colours, the dramatic view of the room will fascinate you. Avoiding frequent cooking here is recommended. Though, if the student is a homemade food lover, the assistance of reliable oven cleaners is needed.

What is more important for the student studio is to be comfy, social and contemporary!