The weirdest items to use for DIY lamp!

DIY lampCreative home design has been suffering some changes these days. Instead of buying super expensive house items from the store, people begin using their old things to create new ones. Such an artistic approach into home arrangement and decoration is both – practical and quite original. Indeed, with the large abundance of interesting DIY projects, you can order and adorn your living space with fascinating stuff. Today, we put the focus on the lighting system at home. We will list you the weirdest items to use for DIY lamp. Check them out right away:

– Old library. Some people love rereading books they admire. On the other side, others keep their impressions from reading in their minds. Thus, old read books are no longer needed to fill the free space. You can order them in height, stick the lighting system in the middle and make a lamp from the book covers.

– Cupcake liners. For all the cooking lovers, we suggest to create a large lamp body from dozens of these light items. Stick them with solid glue and choose a colourful electric bulb to create a super stylish lamp for the living room or the bedside table.

– Buy acrylic gummy bears and make a brand new chandelier from them. The more colourful they are, the more creative your lamp will become. Make sure the bulb is an energy-saving. Otherwise, if the bulb is too powerful, the jelly candies will melt and destroy your rug. Carpet cleaning will become quite difficult for you later.

– Favourite old-fashioned female accessories are also great items to fascinate your lamp. Stick the bracelets and the necklace on the lamp bar. This Vintage-styled lamp might become some fresh air for your dining room or for the kitchen space.
The old drum kit could be hung from the ceiling, too. Wouldn’t it be absolutely gorgeous to have a lamp made of real music instruments?

– Wool craziness. See if your old sweaters need to be recycled. Cut few pieces and make a dress for your old lamp. It will look stylish and cosy for any room. Dusting as a part of the domestic cleaning routine at home should become more often since the little dust particles will spread across the room!

Choose your favourite idea and use your imagination to create the most sublime and original lamp for your living space, too!