Where to place your houseplants – Feng Shui tips

Feng Shui TipsBalance and harmony are the basics of Feng Shui. Plants are really good helpers for achieving peace both at home and office. In addition to their ability to purify the air in the room, it is believed that they can remove any negative energy. See those useful Feng Shui tips for your house:

– Cactus and other prickly plants should not be kept in the central part of the home or the garden. It is considered that they make people more aggressive and therefore cause quarrels. Place these plants near the front door or on the balcony and they will protect you from any bad influence from the outside;

– Dracaena will reduce any pessimistic thoughts and will make you more confident. Place it in the living room. If you have too much blank space there, then you could fill it with some other tree species. According to Feng Shui, you shouldn’t overdo them. Especially if you live in a house rental, too many plants will hamper both your movement and your final end of lease cleaning;

In order to ‘unlock’ your imagination and creative way of thinking, arrange some light blue violets, Chinese roses or orchids anywhere at your home. These beautiful plants will refresh your home atmosphere;

– Place Ficus in your workspace. That plant will help you focus more easily. Put it near the wall, which is right to the door. Keep in mind that clutter is the enemy of your progress and success. On the other hand, the clean and tidy room will certainly affect you positively, so you shouldn’t skip the regular office cleaning;

– Blooming houseplants ‘produce’ more positive energy compared to the leaf ones. They are suitable mostly for the bedroom. If you are fond of hues, then you have to be careful, because some of the colours are ‘fighting’ with each other. What is more, you should take into consideration the main shades used for the interior.