The 3-story closet – a dream or reality?

The 3-story closetHave you ever wondered how big the biggest closet is? If yes, then we have something for you: nearly 279 sq.m. and 3 floors! Few people can afford such a big house. The owner of that place, specially designed for storage clothes and accessories, is a really lucky person! This is the American businesswoman Theresa Roemer. Find out more about her and the 3-story closet:

The construction of this huge closet has taken about four years, and its overall price is about $ 500,000. More interestingly, of course, is its content. According to Teresa, the total value of the bags, shoes, jewelry and clothing are over $ 2 000 000. Wow! And when you have so much space for so many clothes, shoes and accessories, surely, you learn to deal with its organisation well. In that case, using professional cleaning services would be a good decision;

The 3-story closet

– On the first floor Theresa has located her handbags and jewelry, sorted by brands. The lady has a collection of Hermès Birkin, and next to it are those of Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Starting your walk from here, it becomes clear that this closet is a paradise for any woman;

– Second floorthe shoe collection. Theresa claims that she loves all her shoes! What is more, some of them are signed on the bottom by the designer who’s made them. There is also a bar with champagne Moët & Chandon, because you never know when a friend stops by to visit … You might see some clothes as well as a place, where Terry can fix her hair (or maybe her personal hairdresser does that). Imagine that Theresa decided to make a change and move to another city, state or country. It would be tough for her… with so much favourite stuff to be packed, not to mention the vast amount of work for the end of lease cleaners. However, we are sure she feels great in her Houston, Texas-area home and she doesn’t have any plans for moving yet;

The third floor is dedicated to hats, fur coats and clothes, which Theresa doesn’t use frequently. All this may seem excessive, but she is popular with charities, which amounted to millions and she does charitable auctions in that closet.