Mediterranean kitchen – features

Mediterranean kitchenMorocco, Tuscany, Andalucía, Greece – do you know what is the common? No, it’s not a fancy cruise offer. That’s right, these four has two things in common – delicious food and the big water that lays between them. Of course Mediterranean coastline includes many other countries but these are exemplary when it comes to cooking and kitchen design. And what are their traits that make them stand out from the normal kitchens?

Tradition. If you are lucky enough to be family guest in any of these countries, you will probably taste their exquisite meals. Making a compliment to the host about them or asking for the receipt you may often hear: “It’s family’s recipe”. The interior is similar: lines are soft, with scent of toughness, furniture and appliances are massive and elements like hoods, arcs and fireboxes are mandatory.

– As wide as… the sea. It’s extremely hard to make small Mediterranean kitchen, indeed it’s merely impossible. Usually the kitchen is one of the biggest rooms in Mediterranean homes – it is often mixed with the dining room or at least has dining area in it. Also it should be airy and sunny, so big windows are another typical treat.

Ingredients. You cannot taste Mediterranean cuisine with frozen products, the fresher the ingredients, the better. In interior it is the same – natural materials are preferable – marble, wood, stone. Even if there is carpet on the floor it will be from wool or cotton. For these natural materials steam carpet cleaning is not recommended, but you can always ask the local professionals for further details.

– All on displayor complete mystery. It depends a lot on the homeowner’s taste. For people from Mediterranean family kitchen is sacred. Actually the kitchen can be representation of the family. What we are talking about are the hidden or opened storage spaces. You may see both – plates, jars with herbs and baskets with onion, garlic or else on shelves or on the countertops; or the other way around – a lot of drawers, doors and sliding panels that hide numerous secrets: utensils, cutlery and  so on.

– Herbs and colours. Accessorising is typical for these areas. No matter if it will be decorative plates, dried herbs or utensils with strange forms, kitchen often resembles tastefully arranged gallery.

– Welcoming. It’s rare to see Mediterranean that doesn’t like guests. As it was said, kitchen often accommodates dining sets or at least a couple of comfy chairs which are absolutely mandatory with soft sittings.Sothis comprises efficient upholstery cleaning into the “Kitchen maintaining list”.