Healthy diet for your children

Healthy diet for your childrenHealthy eating is extremely important for the right upbringing and development of the children – both in body and in mind. In our daily routine we often skip meal or eat the first fast unhealthy solution that we find. With children you cannot do this (you can, but better don’t, because it may cause long-lasting and even sometimes dangerous consequences). What children should eat and how to give them everything they need?

– Consider the characteristics of your child. Age, size, activity level and medical condition are of great importance when you choose with what to feed your child. Does he or she have any special needs? Allergies? How active is the kid? If child spends time outside playing or stays often at home in front of the TV or the computer? How is child’s physical development? Some children are bigger or smaller from their coevals which is not necessary a sign for irregularity, in this case the genes are very important.

– Variety. One of the most important things is to offer your child different dishes and ingredients. This doesn’t mean uncontrollable experiments with food and spices. To develop properly, child should receive enough vitamins, proteins, minerals and energy. In the first years after the child is born, you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen (many families consider hiring tenancy cleaning services in such periods) which means you will have to change your daily routines. Soups, salads, main courses, desserts and appetizers – these will take most of your time.

– Choice. If you have problem deciding what to give when, try making week menu. Include all meals for every day of the week and write down the ingredients. Vegetables and grains should take the biggest part of the ingredients, followed by dairy products and meat. Try avoiding sweets and chocolate replacing them with dried, canned or fresh fruits but don’t create taboo foods. Balance should be found in variety and not in restrictions.

– Home hazards. Every house offers things that have never been included in any diet. What is meant in this? Children (often smaller ones) eat all kind of things even disgusting ones. Keep your home clean and safe by regular cleaning and sanitising. Prefer eco-friendly products and be very careful with the chemical ones, like some products for expert carpet treatment. You can make your own products or visit “green” shop to find soaps, liquids and other agents to help you in creating secure environment for your child.