The benefits of Hibiscus tea

Healthy benefits of hibiscus tea

Have you ever tried Hibiscus tea? Its composition generally is: polysaccharides, flavonoids, glycosides, but note: 13 amino acids required for the human body. Yet there are: pectin, citric and tartaric acid, which is due to the acidic taste, many minerals, pectin and vitamin C.The tea, if you really want it to be useful, must be made from the herb, or dry mass of Hibiscus, brewed according to the indication on the packaging. Learn more about this wonderful tea:

  • Summer is the season in which Hibiscus becomes super popular. Cold ice tea may be combined with aromatic additives such as mint, ginger or cinnamon in combination with other teas, and even rum. It tones perfectly;
  • Useful properties of tea Hibiscus. The most interesting thing about it is that hot tea increases blood pressure and cold – lowers it. This makes it the preferred drink for all ages and seasons. You can offer a cup of Hibiscus tea to your maids, they’d love it.
  • Hibiscus tea also improves metabolism and has a mild diuretic effect;
  • It has antidepressant properties;
  • Hibiscus tea reduces harmful cholesterol;
  • Hibiscus tea contributes for functional recovery of the liver;
  • Hibiscus tea reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack;
  • Hibiscus tea strengthens blood vessels;
  • Hibiscus tea reduces fever;
  • It protects the kidneys, restores liver from harmful influences;
  • It enhances immunity and is effective against cold and flu conditions. Professional carpet cleaners use it to protect themselves from flu.
  • It is recommended for detoxification, and is a powerful antioxidant and fights hangovers;
  • This tea is not recommended for people with increased acidity of the stomach, as in gastritis and ulcers.

Well, you already know that elixir called Hibiscus. It’s worth trying  it not only because of its pleasant taste. Do not ignore it as a remedy – in winter and summer.