What can women steal from the male wardrobe?

Men's clothes for womenPerhaps all of you have been in a situation when you wonder what to wear for work. Have you ever thought to look in the wardrobe of your beloved man. You think that, the situation there is boring, but you’re wrong. Check out these clothes you may borrow and look different and nice:

  • The shirt. It represents an amazing combination of comfort, practicality and elegance. Garment, without which none of us can. Always salvage the situation with “I need something more formal.” And if you still have stained or forgotten to wash yours, why don’t you “steal” that of your partner? Of course, if you match in size. Undoubtedly shirt in typical men’s cut, is not a bad option for the toilet. It fits perfectly with leggings and belt under the bust. It goes also with jeans and formal trousers. You may put an old shirt while you perform your tenancy cleaning.
  • Tie. Typical male enhancement. Few women dare to wear it. Actually in the female wardrobe you can combine it with a lot of clothes. Try to put it with a shirt with a collar polo, T-shirt, even simple shirt. And believe us, you will not look funny at all! On the contrary – the tie will deliver rigorous, independent and at the same time playful look. Still, if you can not imagine yourself with a tie, try a butterfly necktie. It is also a possible and very effective accessory for women.
  • Male jeans. Now you will say that they are for men. For us there is enough variety of ladies models that can definitely satisfy all our requirements and whims. Well, if you put a male model? Have you ever tried? Males jeans will make your butt them seem smaller. If your boyfriend has some old, worn jeans, you may put them on and accomplish your domestic cleaning tasks.

Be creative when you combine your clothes. Try these male accessories and one day look differently.