Chocolate Easter eggs – a wonderful treat

Homemade chocolate eggs for EasterDo you love those fabulous chocolate Easter eggs? Actually, we are so used of them, that Easter won’t be the same without them. Most people consume them with pleasure and give them like presents to adults and kids. Why don’t you try to make some chocolate Easter eggs all by yourself? It’s really simple. You can even add candy decorations and frosting. Just follow our instructions:

  • Firstly, melt some chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. In case you prefer the microwave, melting should last one minute on half power. You have to stir too. After that mush and mix the chocolate with a spoon. You have to achieve equal heating of the mixture. Be careful not to make some spills. Otherwise you should call the home cleaners.
  • Secondly, you have to fill the melted chocolate in appropriate matrix. There are gelatin molds, you can try them or you may use the plastic eggs, accessible during the Easter holidays. The rule is not to overfill the matrix and let the chocolate eggs to set thoroughly.
  • Separating the egg-halves from the mold is your next step. You are free to paint each one with some more melted chocolate. Then, hold both sides of the eggs together and put your creation in the fridge to cool down. A good option is to put the halves back in the plastic egg. Just don’t forget to secure the egg with a rubber band in order to hold them strong.How to make chocolate eggs
  • On the next day, take out your invention from the refrigerator and make some lovely decoration. You are free to add some cake or candy decorations or to make some nice frosting – it’s up to your imagination. Keep in mind, that the eggs are fragile, so be careful. Which one is simpler – making chocolate Easter eggs or spring sanitising?Chocolate eggs

Every chocolate egg may have different decoration so you can prepare various and unique gifts.