Spring comes with sour dock

Sour dock - great spring vegetavle

Sour dock is one of the earliest spring vegetables appearing after the cold winter. And this is not by accident. Our body needs a lot of vitamins, which can be loaded again after exhausting cold months. And nature has thought about giving us sour dock. It gives us the required dose of freshness. This fresh vegetable can be stored up to 3 days in the refrigerator and if milled, it can be frozen for six months. It is suitable for drying. Check out some ideas to include sour dock in your daily menu:

– Sour dock soup – a classics in the genre. You can add nettle and spinach to make a refreshing spring soup. Mild, pleasant and very rich in vitamins proposal. Do not miss it. And speaking of soup, you can add other products, for example to potato will make its taste very different, slightly sour and fresh. Try it.

– Fresh salad – you can add to it different seeds, cheese or fish. Whatever you choose. Good taste is guaranteed. Even the spring cleaners will agree with us.

– Sour dock sauce – usually with the addition of cream, it is extra finishing touch to fish and pork.

– Sour dock and eggs – the right combination. Sour dock is very well partnering with eggs, so leave the carpet cleaning for a while and prepare a nice dish. Whether you cook them fried or boil them and put on them sour dock sauce or you simply will serve it with a salad of the fresh vegetable – you can not go wrong. It’s definitely expected a good combination.

There is evidence that 5000 years ago the Egyptians knew and used the sour dock. Later it attended the table of the Greeks and Romans, and you’ve probably heard in stories that our grandmothers have also often included it in the family menu. Well, trust our experience and start the spring with a taste of sour dock.


  • kate March 20, 2015

    Yes! We took a food forage class last year and discovered so many food items that people overlook or deem as “weeds”. Today is the first day of spring here in West Virginia, USA and it is snowing. Once Spring makes her way in, I will be sure to keep a look out for dock.

  • Debbie March 20, 2015

    I’ve never heard of this herb before, but will look for it at the greenhouse the next time I visit.
    It sounds interesting.

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