Let’s debunk some beauty myths!

Some beauty myths

Do you believe in all beauty tips and hacks? And did you know that there are dozens of lies among these recommendations for beauty? But let’s look at some of the most common:

1. Have you heard the advice that the toothpaste will help in the fight against pesky pimples? We will disappoint you by telling you that you need a cosmetic product against acne, rather than a means of tooth brushing. It is true that it has a slightly drying effect, but its active ingredients have nothing to do with skin.

2. Have you been told that you can not wash your face with soap, because it will only dry your skin? Not necessarily, especially when you know what to buy. There are numerous soaps with moisturizing skin effect – as those containing sugar and coconut, olive, almond. It’s the same with regular home cleaning, you have to choose the right detergent.

3. Here is another fairly common lie – sun cures acne. Just so it seems. Sun thickens the skin and in combination with lipid-containing sunscreen, you will only have big trouble. Sometimes our skin is really cleared under the influence of ultraviolet rays, but this is only temporary until you get home from the sea and their retroactive effect begins.

4. The hair grows faster if it’s cutted often. It is true that we should not bring our hair to bloom and you definitely need a hairdresser, but not every month. Hair growth is not affected by cutting. Normally it grows no more than 1.2-1.5 cm per month. Even the carpet cleaners know that fact.

5. Lemon juice lightens hair. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that can seriously damage your hair. The acid of the lemon juice has been proven harmful to hair- it can dry it too much and make it brittle. Try to apply honey diluted with water. This will have an effect on both the color, strength and its brilliance.

OK, now you are much more informed about some beauty myths. You can also share your beauty secrets with us.