Your mental models create your future

Mental models can determine your futureThere is one simple truth – the thoughts determine the type of person. By changing your thoughts or mental models, you can change your life. Do the following exercise: Answer these questions:

1. Make analysis what you think in the majority of the day – whether these are working obligations, if so, probably you’re carrying some of your work at home; whether these are concerns for the safety of your children, it is possible to transmit your worries to them in some way, so they become restless. Even the steam carpet cleaners are careful about what they think and worry, be sure about that.

2. Determine which of your thought patterns are positive and which are negative. Try to turn off the unnecessary thoughts from your mind, because you only create bothering.

3. What opinion do you have for yourself? Your opinion of yourself affects how people think about you. Visually you may look timid, oppressed, depressed, tired, or just the opposite – with constant smile on your face. Thus you transmit vitality, deserving respect. Your choice of thoughts will greatly change your life. Overall improvement can occur if you watch what you are doing and improve your thoughts about your own abilities. For instance, stop thinking of home sanitising as a tedious and repulsive task and soon you will see the change.

4. You can make the analysis of mental models by recording in individual hours of the day what goes through your head. If you do it for a few days at the end of the week you will have enough material to help you reconsider your beliefs. Importantly during recording you have to be enough sincere and not exaggerate or shorten the importance of your current thoughts.

You have to know that your beliefs about the world and yourself are acquired rather than innate. Therefore, you can reject them. The good thing is that you have complete control over what you allow your mind to think.