DIY noise isolating for the ceiling

Make noise isolation to your ceilingThe ceiling to one is the floor to another. Therefore it is essential to be well sound-proven and isolated. We may not be willing to spend a lot of money on that project but there is still a reasonable solution for that. To deal with the problem we have to understand that today’s ceilings/roofs are the so called “two-folds” that does not isolate at all. The footsteps of the neighbour above may seem like bombing if proper measures are not taken.

  • Change the way the floors and ceilings interact. Basically all  things there are screwed so it will generally help if the roof is isolated in a variety of sound-proofing barriers. Those can be either absorbing surfaces or reflecting ones. Any store has a good stock of both so all you need is the measures of the ceiling.
  • Use sound proof mats or other fibre layers that will keep the sound from transmitting into the walls and room in general. Just think how much better it will be to limit the noise from the carpet sanitising upstairs and peacefully watch TV or read a book.
  • Hanging ceilings are also a good choice and a hint for professionalism and personal touch. This option is a little more complicate DIY project, but there is so much available on the Internet that you just have to invest some time into it. Even the regular home cleaning is considerate elaborate for the non professionals.

Whatever option you may go to there is a certain need of a friend’s help, or even more than one. You may think of hiring a professional for this isolation services, but just reconsider how much money you will save up, should you decide to DIY that.